.:|:. Education .:|:.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL, USA

M.A., Visual + Critical Studies (VCS), 2008

Mount Holyoke College (MHC), South Hadley, MA, USA

B.A., cum laude with honor in Philosophy + Politics, 2003

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI, USA

CE Photography, Advertising + Print Design, 2002

.:|:. Collections (Select) .:|:.

  • Liminal Documents, Ryerson/Burnham Libraries, SAIC

  • Abu Ghraib Party Kit, Joan Flasch Artist’s Book Collection, SAIC

  • Joey Orr, Lawrence, KS

  • Karen Alexander, New York, NY

  • Kate Bailey, Denver, CO

  • Sally Elliott, Estes Park, CO

  • Meg Martin, Denver, CO

  • Susie Biehl, Denver, CO

.:|:. Press + Interviews.:|:.

  • Emboss Magazine #8 Women Artists Issue (v1), August, 2017

  • "Political Artistry" in The Female Gaze, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, January 2016

  • Three New Shows in Denver and Beyond August 28-30, Denver Westward, Susan Froyd, August 28, 2015

  • LandESCAPE Art Review, Featured Artist Interview, January, 2015

  • Power To The People at the Denver Art Museum, Susan Froyd, August 6, 2012

  • Shrewd Loops, Las Vegas City Life, Jenessa Kenway, April 12, 2012

  • The Write Stuff: City Weekly’s Fourth Annual Literary Issue, Ben Fulton, June 11, 2007

.:|:. Print Publications .:|:.

  • “Containing Arms Sales After Aurora Tragedy” Justice Magazine, Lee Siggs

  • “Video Works and Words: 2009-11” Video on Paper v. 1, ed. Karen Chan

  • “i02-09: Stills” O.K. Periodicals v. 7, ed. Tanja Koning

  • “Polystyrene Noise” The Sound of Art: DJ Battle Record, ed. Paddy Johnson

  • “Mias(me” Antipodes Festival Catalogue, Brest, FR

  • “How to Erase US Images with US Words” Useful Pictures, ed. Adelheid Mers

  • “Bringing Murder Back” Meat for Tea: Tenderloin, ed. Elizabeth Macduffie

  • "Landscapes and Home" Nostos: Of Home & Exile, ed. Olivia Bustion

.:|:. Presentations .:|:.

  • Art Research Methodologies in Action, SAIC, 2008

  • Annual Master’s Thesis Symposium, SAIC, 2008

.:|:. Awards .:|:.

  • “Cloud II” Apogaea, Art Grant, 2013

  • “tell it slant—”1st Place, Vimeo Weekend Poetry Project, 2010

  • “How to Party Like its 2003” SAIC, VCS Department Grant, 2008

  • “Punch” First Place Poetry Prize, Salt Lake City Weekly, 2002

.:|:. Screenings + Installations + Exhibitions .:|:.



  • “The Universe” 40th Anniversary Show, SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO

  • “The Universe” Supporting Members, SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO

  • “FTS: Me Too” Sidekicks, SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO


  • “FTS: Green Card” OUTSIDER, Pirate Contemporary Art, Lakeview, CO

  • “FTS: Green Card” Unauthorized SFMOMA Show #89, San Francisco, CA

  • “FTS” Associate Members Show, SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO

  • “Balancing Act” and “FTS” (solo) SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO

  • “The Cutter-off of Water" and "The Universe" Double Exposure: An Exhibition of Photography and Video, Arvada, CO


  • “The Cutter-off of Water” CICA Museum Exhibit “Experimental Video”, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

  • ​Video Projects, Le cirque des Feuilles Sales” September, Easthampton, MA, USA

  • “The Cutter-off of Water” Whitespace Gallery “Jump Cut” GA, USA

  • ​“Remember” + “Counting the Days” Bast Studio “Tiny Art” Show, Denver, CO

  • “The Universe” + “Do Your Teeth...?” CICA Museum Exhibit “Concept," Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

  • "Je t'aime" SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO, USA


  • "Do your teeth miss the taste of the sky?" SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

  • 'Sky' Moving Still: The Multiple Exposure Project Zine, July, 2015

  • “Petals” “The Rose Has Teeth,” & Other New Work, SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

  • “Caught Cloud” SPARK Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

  • “W-haley The W-hale” Apogaea Arts Festival Performance, Denver, CO, USA



  • “Ephemera: Caught Cloud” Denver Arts Museum (DAM) Denver, CO, USA

  • “The Cloud” Apogaea Arts Festival, Denver, CO, USA

  • “Artspeak, Plainspeak” Multiplexer, Emergency Arts, Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • “Israeli Pamplemousse” Right Here Over There, Lexington, KY, USA

  • “9 then 11 (Ten Times)” Art and Documentation Festival, Lodz, PL

  • “Artspeak, Plainspeak” 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, DE



  • “Israeli Pamplemousse” Hot Shot Gallery Screening, Toronto, Ontario, CA

  • “i02-09” Experiments in Cinema V 5.1 & DVD (Disk 1), Albuquerque, NM, USA

  • “The Cutter-off of Water” Visioni dal Futuro 2010, MondIridescenti, Torino, IT

  • “i02-09” 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, DE

  • “The Cutter-off of Water” 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, DE

  • “Hints” ITCH e.6 '?' Woodstock, ZA

  • “i02-09” LOUIS V.E.S.P, MIRROR/WINDOW, Brooklyn, NY, USA


  • “i02-09” Duration Screenings, London, UK

  • “City S)k(in” ITCH e.4, Woodstock, ZA

  • "Arbori Suspendere” ABRAXAS, Paris, FR

  • "Arbori Suspendere” Galerie le Cerisier, Paris, FR

  • “i02-08” Peace + Justice Week Screening, Beloit, WI, USA

  • “Slate's Shoot the Recession Project” ABC News, April 6, 2009

  • “Great Shots of Tough Times” Slate, March 30th, 2009.

  • “i02-08” Arthouse Film and Video Festival Screening, Tampa, FL, USA

  • “Paris Soldes>>> Sales!!! Bling ta' Boom” ITCH e.3, Woodstock, ZA

  • “i02-09” Antipodes: Festival European des Arts, Brest, FR


  • “i03-04” Nightingale Screening, Chicago, IL, USA

  • “Liminal Documents: 12 Maps” SAIC Web Project, Chicago, IL, USA

  • “How to Party Like its 2003 (in Abu Ghraib)” Alogon Gallery, Chicago, IL, US

  • “i03-04” ReconnectUS Screening, Providence, RI, USA


  • “Nothing: In Common” American Theater Company (ATC), Chicago, IL, USA