third space garden

i enjoy creating tranquil, third spaces ‘spaces’ that are neither home nor work-related. before the pandemic, i crafted irl inflatable mylar installations that allowed people to enter and view their surroundings while maintaining privacy from outside observers. 

this is my attempt to take those ideas into new places using new tools. 

creating ‘third space garden' spanned many months & involved an intricate process fusing traditional, 3D, and AI tools. the elaborate process of generating the 3D gaussian splats for ‘third space garden’ involved coding P5js, curating & creating 3D assets, constructing the digital garden, recording videos of the 3D model, and, in the final stages, using AI in transforming those captures into gaussian splats.

third space garden (overview), 3 minutes, with sound

garden +

third space garden (floating through flowers), with sound, 50 seconds.

third space garden - gaussian splats